Information Technology


Commander Troubleshooting & Repair Training System (50023)

The Commander® is a complete system for students wanting a career in computer service and repair.
Students who successfully complete the course are equipped with an impressive inventory of high-level, hands-on performance-based skills, and they are ready for the knowledge-based A+ Certification Exam.



NETtech Network Technology Training Program (50004)

NETtech™ is the complete training system for students wanting to become Network Support Technicians.
The expertly written Student Instruction Manual guides students through the course with step-by-step directions, with built-in stops for instructor feedback. Four specially-selected textbooks complement the manual, providing a complete instruction experience for your students.




CablingTech Cable Installation Training System (2000)

The CablingTech™ Cable Installation Training System gives students extensive training in a realistic work environment. Theory and hands-on experience are provided in three areas to fully prepare students to succeed in cable-installation jobs.




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