FFS Building 10 Rahaden recently designed and constructed a state of the art fire fighting simulator training center facility which includes fire fighting simulation tower which replicates a ship design, classrooms, first aid room, changing room with showers and full fire fighting protection kits for the Muhammed Bin Naif Academy of Marine Science and Security Studies Border Guard Jeddah.

Rahaden has the following experience in producing:

  • Authentic fire replication
  • Advanced control systems
  • Replicates any fire scenario from oil & gas equipment to a domestic cooker, a ship interior to a motor car, an aircraft to a waste bin

real ffs


INOVEX’s SimFIELD provides the necessary instrumentation for conducting complex large scale, open terrain warfare scenarios for forces equipped with SimTES up to brigade level. On-line monitoring, recording and evaluation of all movements and tactical activities of combatants is provided through state-of-the art Exercise Control & AAR facilities

INOVEX’s SimCITY training system is a full-reality, safe and managed urban training environment allowing comprehensive multi-level exercises for different unit sizes equipped with SimTES. A high resolution tracking system for both inside and outside of buildings together with state-of-the art Exercise Control & AAR facilities guarantee the improvement of existing tactics, octrines and strategies in urban warfare or special security tasks.

SimTES – is INOVEX’s highly sophisticated, laser based tactical engagements system. SimTES is a laser based simulation system designed for training in armed forces and special security forces tactics. The use of SimTES provides a full “fight as you train” and “train as you fight” capability. SimTES is bridging the gap between basic marksmanship training and applied combat tactics. Its narrow, low dispersion laser beam together with a miniaturized sensor system allows precise hit information. SimTES is applied on soldiers, weapon systems & vehicles.

INOVEX’s Forward Observer Training Simulator

is designed to be used as a stand-alone indoor system or to be integrated with HCTS and fire direction facilities to form a closed loop artillery training system.
All operational tasks can be realistically performed by using real forward observer equipment (e.g. binoculars, laser range finder, message terminal etc.), which have been specifically adapted for simulation purposes.
A state-of-the-art visual system generates highly detailed images and provides the trainees with various battlefield scenarios, displayed on a large screen projection, in which they can perform their complete training tasks.
Professional sound equipment and simulated communication networks (e.g. data, voice) complete the simulated training environment. An easy-to-use control facility allows the instructor to obtain an overview of the trainee’s performance at any time. Modern exercise tools enable the instructor to manage the individual training requirements

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