ConstructiveSimulationINOVEX’s Constructive Simulation Solutions

Constructive simulation, also known as wargaming, aims to construct a virtual training environment in which a range of command and troop configurations can be engaged for the purpose of experiencing battle scenarios against reactive opponents.

Virtual combat simulation offers a sophisticated playground for commanders, staff and troops to exercise in situations they may face in any military operation.

These training systems create comprehensive modern warfare situations, incorporating a wide range of models of weapon systems, vehicles, air and ground support enabling the complete chain of command to be exercised against computer generated opponents in any location.

ElectronicWarfareDeployable Electronic Warfare Environment Trainer (DEWET) System

Is a state-of-the art, dynamic EW simulation training system that provides:
- EW procedures and equipment training;
- Electronic attack training; and
- Electronic protection methods.
DEWET is designed to give highly visual, interactive and realistic EW events and equipment training.
EW instructors can create manual and automatic mission scenarios involving interactive air, land and sea platforms with associated EW equipment, emissions and weapons.
The air, alnd and sea platforms may man oeuvre automatically or according to manual control by instructor or student, in real time.

Insight Recognition Training System

Is used to train Joint forces to correctly identify enemy and friendly combatants and increase targeting and surveillance skills, thereby reducing the likelihood of fratricide or friendly fire.
In-service with armed forces worldwide, the Insight Recognition Training System offers a distributive training solution that is flexible and highlyeffective.
Insight combines immersive 3D visualization and end-user updatable multimedia within a distributed training format, allowing instructors to create, manage and analyze multi-disciplinary military training.


EngineeringMaintenanceVirtual Engineering Training Tools

Train more efficiently with 3D virtual engineering maintenance trainers. Detailed marine engineering models help engineers to understand and better maintain
their equipment for optimum operational performance.
- Virtual maintenance training solutions offer real world training without cost delays, and inconvenience of physical mock-ups and classroom training.
- Robust and proven method of delivering 3D virtual training systems accurately simulates complexes training operations.
-Trainee can explore a wide variety of failure scenarios and product configurations in a high-retention 3D virtual environment.

EngineeringOperationsMachinery Space Operations Trainer

- Simulation of Machinery Control Rooms/Machinery Spaces;
- Training in Machinery Breakdown Drills (MBDD) for MEOOW/OOW;
- Features virtual control of machinery using avatars to alter machinery state; and
- Integrates with Bridge Trainer to simulate consequent effects of machinery breakdowns upon ship-handling

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