Doc SigniningDocument signing will provide a mean to check document Integrity, which can detect if the document content has been altered or modified. Once document content has been signed, it cannot be altered or changed which provide high integrity check.

VPNProvides secure Web & VPN Access by increasing authentication level through the usage of Smart Token as a digital signature.

CASoftlock introduces two CA models on for enterprises which are suitable for large scale companies and large number of users. A standard CA for small scale companies is also provided with a simple user interface for better user experience.


The Secure USB Flash Driveintroduced by Softlock eliminates all the vulnerabilities within the common USB Flash storage. Also, the highest security level is introduced, based on biometric user authentication of the owner.  Along with the fingerprint authentication, there is password authentication and memory encryption to secure the memory chip against hardware attacks


Multiple Drive Storage

·         The Secure Flash USB Drive can be used as multiple drive exactly as hard disk.

·         Each drive permissions can be easily changed to be read only or read/write.

·         Public and Private Storage: meaning public storage require no authentication.   

Management software stored on Flash drive

·         No needs for driver download.

·         Driver is stored on the secure drive and cannot be removed.

Three factor user authentication

·         Fingerprint and user password authentication.

·         No operation can be done (write/read) without user authentication.

·         Data Encryption to resist hardware attacks that restore directly from memory chip.

Data encryption storage

·         Data is encrypted before storage (writing) on the flash memory.

·         Data is decrypted before read from secure flash drive.

·         Strong encryption algorithm: AES256- bit.

Antivirus Protection (Optional)

Defend data and identities against viruses, worms, and other malware threats with on-board antivirus software, which constantly monitors file transfers to the drive.



A number of security mechanisms are employed, helping significantly to eliminate the risk of fraud, attacks and misuse from unauthorized individuals and hackers.  This security includes the data and the user authentication as it done by two factor authentication (PWD and Finger Print) and the data existed on the flash memory is totally encrypted to resist the hardware attacks on memory which enhance the security level.


The secure flash drive is erasable and rewritable as it can be used many times as it uses rewritable flash memory chip. About 100,000 write cycles is the memory retention.  


The secure flash drive has less weight and small size and has USB interface which is easy to carry and use.

User Friendly

The management software is user friendly GUI that any common user can be easily familiar with operations like installation (just plug and play), also multiple drives can be created easily on the secure flash drive each one can has specific privileges like (Read/Write/Write Protected).

Standards Complied

The secure USB flash drive is totally standard complied as it uses the strong encryption standard technique (AES), and the fingerprint module is a standard one.

Softlock personal protector provides the user with the ability to store his/her data secured on the PC with the help of the secure virtual drive capability, where the user is able to create many secure virtual drives as necessary and with the required space providing  that the necessary space is available on his/her physical hard disk. The virtual drive appears to the user as an ordinary hard disk in ‘My Computer’ area, while it maps to a fully secured encrypted file on the user physical hard disk. The virtual drive disappears when smart token is unplugged.

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