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The Fleetman Bridge Trainer has been designed to exploit the full power of modern PCs. Bridge Trainer features State-of-the-Art Real time software based on the proven Fleetman simulation engine, which is in service with Naval Forces. Fleetman doesn't require any expensive Image Generators and Edge Blenders, reducing through-life maintenance costs. Detailed 3D models of customer's chosen ports can be provided, complete with accurate bottom contours to provide both above visual cues and echo sounder information linked to actual tide states.

Fleet Man Bridge Simulator has the following Features:

  • Students are allocated to ship with in a scenario that can also include multiple traffic ships, submarines and airborne platforms
  • Platforms are inserted to suit user requirements
  • Ships lights and navigation marks included for night operations
  • Exercise Planner for defining position and intended movement for each Platform
  • BridgeTeamOperations1If required the system can be configured as a full Scale mock-up of a ship's Bridge with
    • Compass
    • Ship's wheel
    • Engine controls and displays
    • Control for bow and Stern thrusters
    • Radar
    • Echo sounder
    • GPS and
    • Electronics Chart System (ECS)
  • Emulations of appropriate bridge equipment and displays, which may include:
  • Sighting     
  • Multiple Ship's Bridge can be connected by LAN or WAN for remote e-Iearning
  • An instructor can control of all traffic ships and other platforms in the exercise
  • Situation Display and "out of windows" views providing up to a 360o field of view (FOV)



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