Fleet Operations

FleetmandeskThe Fleetman maritime operations simulator provides the following functions:

  • Yeoman flag and light signalling using flags, lights and shapes
  • Flags selected by user, and then hoisted on the appropriate side of the ship to the required height
  • Day or night signalling using a Morse signal lamp (signal lights may be changed to red at night)
  • Permits training of visual or Radar navigation procedures using true, relative and transit bearings
  • Rules of the Road training in day, night and poor visibility. Radar and "out of the window" views
  • Radio communications controlled via a touch sensitive monitor
    • During exercises started just before sunrise or sunset the light conditions change gradually from night to day or day to night
    • Bow and stern thrusters included where appropriate
    • Collision detection
    • Man overboard procedures
    • Selectable "out of the window" viewing positions: Students can select the view from either the helmsman's position inside the bridge, or by the port or starboard signal lamps.
  • For vessels that operate helicopters the Flight Deck Officer's view standing at the front starboard corner of the helicopter platform would be provided, and in vessels that carry a Flight Deck Controller his view of the landing area would also be provided
  • In addition to the views selectable by a Student, Instructors can also look any vessel or entity from abeam and overhead

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