Egress Training Systems

sslModular Egress Training Systems (METS™)

METS™ devices simulate underwater disorientation caused by a rapidly sinking, inverted helicopter. The design of Survival Systems’ Modular Egress Training Simulator meets the requirements for a modular, robust, highly realistic, low maintenance, re-configurable training device.
Students practice emergency surface evacuation drills, underwater escape techniques, and use of emergency breathing systems / spare air devices.
The modular design of the METS™ enables it to replicate any aircraft type in a ditching training scenario.

METS™ configurations incorporate the use of exterior panels housing escape exits that replicate exits found on specific aircraft. The framework of the METS™ allows for placement of interior bulkheads and other props, such as avionics panels, crew stations, and troop seats to represent the size and configuration of the aircraft types specified by the client.

METS™ Model 1

This is the smallest version METS™ manufactured to date. It is mobile due to its size and weight. It has two emergency escape exits, seats a maximum of five students at any one time and can be rented to site of demand, or sold for start-up operations.

METS™ Model 3

Replicates small commercial helicopters and small fixed-wing aircraft having two or four seats. The Model 3 includes a cockpit and can incorporate four interchangeable emergency exits. It is ideal for start-up training operations with larger markets, and is mobile due to its size and weight.

METS™ Model 5

Replicates small, medium, and longer commercial helicopters (i.e., Bell 206) and small fixed-wing aircraft having two or four seats and a center extension, making it 31” (78.74 cms) longer than the METS™ Model 3. The Model 5 includes a cockpit and can incorporate four interchangeable emergency exits. It is also ideal for start-up training operations with larger markets.

METS™ Model 30

The size of a S-61 / Puma, Bell 212, UH-60, S-76, etc. and has eight interchangeable emergency exit panels. The Model 30 is benchmarked as the international standard for use in delivering aircraft ditching training, especially to offshore industries.

METS™ Model 40

Accommodates eight interchangeable emergency escape exits. Used to replicate large, wide-bodied helicopters (i.e., Super Puma, CH-53, S-61, EH-101, CH-47, NH-90, etc.) or smaller fixed-wing aircraft (i.e., the Hercules C-130, etc.). Military services prefer the METS™ Model 40.

High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV)

Used to replicate an HMMWV and AAV. Accomodates up to 12 passengers with 4 exits on the HMMWV and 3 exits on the AAV.

Multi-Purpose Module METS™ (MPM METS™)

This multi-vehicle METS™ provides a training platform for underwater egress from land-based armored vehicles. Vehicle-type-specific doors can be fabricated with the latest version break-out front window and turret designs.
Amphibious Armored Vehicle (AAV) modules are also available.

Apache METS™

Replicates the AH-64 Apache attack helicopter, wherein the gunner sits ahead of and below the pilot. The Apache METS™ is a unique design that includes appropriate exits and stroking seats. The US Army in South Korea; and Survival Systems USA, Inc and Survival Systems Limited. are home to the Apache METS™.

Fast Rescue Craft

Used for the purpose of delivering underwater escape training from a FRC or RIB, this modular simulator is incorporated to the mainframe of a METS™. It consists of a coxswain’s console, seating positions for crew, sponson assemblies, and inflatable righting bladder.



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