Personal Protector

Personal Protector

Personal and Corporate security threaten by many attacks and incorrect users habits. Some of these attacks may be the access of files or physical partitions which contains confidential or top secret data.

It's needed to enhance the security for these files and E-Code personal protector software will solve this problem which will enhance security, as Personal Protector offers different solutions based on the current issue for users and what type of security they need. The main functions which Personal Protector offers are:

  • Secure PC Login.
  • Secure Virtual drive.

Secure Windows Login

Softlock Personal Protector is a secure personal machine login mechanism based on storing login information encrypted on Softlock Smart Token device where user cannot login to windows without plugging the device to his computer. There will be no way to hack the user name and password they are stored encrypted in the Softlock Smart Token and the user have only to enter the Token PIN and Fingerprint if configured which gives a 3 factor authentication technique. 

Secure Virtual Drive

Softlock personal protector provides the user with the ability to store his/her data secured on the PC with the help of the secure virtual drive capability, where the user is able to create many secure virtual drives as necessary and with the required space providing  that the necessary space is available on his/her physical hard disk. The virtual drive appears to the user as an ordinary hard disk in ‘My Computer’ area, while it maps to a fully secured encrypted file on the user physical hard disk.

  • High Security
  • Easy To Use
  • Customizable Protection
  • Easy Installation


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