Protection Studio

Personal Studio 1All in One software protection tool. The Protection Studio provides different protection techniques in a single tool.

Protection techniques vary to meet the software vendors’ needs. Protection techniques include:

  1. CD/DVD Protection
  2. CDR Protection                                                                         
  3. USB Dongle Protection
  4. Online Activation Protection

All techniques are combined with advanced software protection (Shell Protection) that protects the software source code and data. In addition, E-Code Protection Studio v5.3.4 provides a flexible and advanced SDK for extending the software security to be within the hands of the developer.

Softlock Protection Studio v5.3.4 introduces a new and advanced License Management System that meets different requirements to control the Condition and Rights for the sake of software security and distribution.

Intellectual Property Protection

No worry from copy right pirates. Software vendors can protect their intellectual properties and copy rights using E-Code Protection Studio and distribute it safely to their customers. All Code and Data are secured and encrypted against debugging and reverse engineering tools.

Personal Studio 2Distribution Control

No demo or special developed software releases will be needed by a software vendor to build. Just one release is enough to be a demo, special or final copy. Licensing system will allow software vendors to control each release distribution according to the targeted customers in less than 25 seconds on average.

Copy Prevention

Software vendors can protect their applications from running with unauthorized clients. E-Code Protection Studio stops the illegal software distribution which will reflect on the software sales.

Protection Customization

Software vendors were wasting long time and effort in installation and customization for their customers, in effect of cost increasing. Licensing system provides software vendors to extend their license control over parts of the software, to disable or set limitations on a special part of the software other than the rest of the software. The solution provides this control by using the flexible and easy to use SDK APIs.

Noncomplex Process

Software Vendors complains of security solutions that requires technical knowledge like programming, which will change the development plan and delay the distribution time. E-Code Software protection solution is an automatic protection kit that applies the required protection over the digital contents without any need to previous technical knowledge or to write extra source code.

Multiple Techniques

E-Code Software Protection Solution provides the software vendors with multiple options to protect their software based on its nature and operations. For example, if the software will be used by end user who will always have internet connection, vendor can use Online Machine authentication technique (Safe Activation). If the software will be used offline, vendor can use Phone Activation or USB Dongle authentication technique (Safe Key). Thence, there is no tying restrictions upon the software distribution strategy.

Fast Process

Calculated time for a common application protection process is very short, starting from opening the E-Code Protection Studio down to applying all files protection, selecting authentication technique and issuing software license, this consumes in average about 90 seconds.

The vendor will never repeat the protection steps again. He will apply the protection process only one time. Hence, for each software job order, the vendor will just click “issue a license” for his new customer.

Ease of use

E-Code Software Protection solution is easy to use and user friendly software. Through simple steps user will complete the protection operation.

Extended Software Security

Software vendors can add several security modules to their software. They can also use all Encryption/Decryption functionalities for protecting their own data without the need to spend extra money and cost in implementing those functionalities. SDK APIs provide straight forward functionalities for 128 bit Encryption/Decryption operations to protect software data. These benefits are helpful for the secure data backup operation.

Cost Effective

E-Code Software Protection solution provides different models for applying protection techniques. Multi-user network license provides a secure software protection with lower cost for software vendors. This solution enables the vendor to use Single License and Single Hardware protection media (ex: Safe KEY) while protecting the software on multiple machines.

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