Secure Document Exchange

Secure doc exchange2Benefits

By implementing Softlock Secure Document Exchange Solution, Organization can reach the following targets:

Documents Protection

Softlock Secure Document Exchange Solution will provide a way to secure document exchange within an organization. Document encryption will prevent any Un Authorized intruder to access the data within the document. Document encryption is based on Hardware and PKI system which provide the highest available security, immune against all known attacks.

Identity Verification

Softlock Secure Document Exchange Solution will provide a way to verify the identity of the document issuer. Any unauthenticated user tried to send a document by stealing the sender identity; recipient will easily verify the document issuer identity.

Short Scenarios

Softlock Secure Document Exchange solution provides end user easy way to add strong security to the documents through the original document application (i.e. Adobe, MS Office …etc.).

Content Integrity

Document signing will also provide a mean to check document Integrity, which can detect if the document content has been altered or modified. Once document content has been signed, it cannot be altered or changed which provide high integrity check.

Minimize Cost and Time

Implementing digital document exchange within the organization will lead to reducing the cost and time of the document life cycle, meanwhile maintaining the security, integrity, and non-repudiation within the organizational process.


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