Mobile Weather Stations

Vaisala DigiCORA® Sounding System

MW31 The Vaisala DigiCORA® Sounding System MW31 is the new generation of the DigiCORA® Sounding System. It is based on the Sounding Processing Subsystem SPS311, which features new software-defined radio technology.

MobileWeatherStations2The Vaisala Radiotheodolite RT20

is an integral part of automated meteorological data acquisition for mobile field artillery and other land-based tactical defense units. The RT20 is an advanced, all-weather interferometric RDF antenna that meets all the operational requirements of tactical field units. It consists of man-portable modules which can be integrated easily into your own mechanized transportation concept.
The Vaisala Radiotheodolite RT20, as a part of the complete tactical Vaisala sounding system including 1680 MHz Vaisala radiosondes, provides highly accurate upper-air meteorological data (wind speed/direction, humidity, temperature and pressure) in standard message formats. Easy to transport and quick to deploy, the RT20 has proven to be the world’s most advanced and accurate RDF antenna for upper-air sounding. Alongside the RT20, the Vaisala MARWIN® Sounding System MW32 automates data handling and provides messages in relevant STANAG and WMO formats

The Vaisala MARWIN® Sounding System MW32

MobileWeatherStations3Provides an atmospheric profile of wind, pressure, temperature and humidity from the surface up to the altitudes to be used in the ballistic weather computation. In addition, the data can be used as input into numerical weather models to provide updated observation for more precise predictions. Further, the atmospheric profile is useful for e.g. for aviation, CBRN and naval applications. Data is provided in relevant STANAG and WMO formats.
The Vaisala MARWIN® Sounding System MW32 has been designed for demanding defense use.
Easy to use and extremely rugged.
Complies with relevant MIL-STD-810G specifications for environmental testing and MIL-STD-461F for electromagnetic compliance.
The system consists of a receiver/processor and antennas to track the radiosonde attached to a free-flying balloon.
Different configurations include a portable system, vehicle installation and naval installation.

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